The Art of Lisa Petrucci


February 11, 2013  

Upcoming Exhibitions

“Come Play With Me” January 4 – 27, 2103 La Luz de Jesus Gallery, Los Angeles

Lisa’s latest paintings are a tribute to her love of vintage pop culture as well as personal and collecting obsessions. She has created delightfully demented tableaus that include some of her favorite toys, dolls, subjects and places. Some are real and some imaginary. See the haunted house where a sad forlorn little girl lures unwary children to play with her; the roadside lime rickey stand populated by oddball toy critters; and the kitschy polynesian palace where lil’ Lisa and her pals enjoy mai tais and pu-pu platters. These paintings are a glimpse into the weird world of wonder that exists in Lisa’s twisted mind. She also references some of her favorite obscure female subjects; Italian fumetti anti-heroines from 1960s comics, rock & roll icons, and B-movie bad girls. Lisa also goes back to her pin-up girl roots with a series of “boudoir babes,” scintillating sirens surrounded by cute and creepy imagery. What sets these paintings apart from Lisa’s past body of work is the format. For this show, she’s done a series of larger rectangular paintings on birch panels, which has given her the opportunity to explore some different stylistic techniques and approaches to her signature sweet and sexy subject matter.


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