The Art of Lisa Petrucci


May 25, 2019  

Printsploitation Featuring the Art of Lisa Petrucci

Printsploitation Issue 5

Printsploitation Magazine Issue No. 5 is entirely devoted to the art of Something Weird Video! Over the years SWV had the pleasure of working with many amazing artists including Dave Stevens, Mike McCarthy, Eric Eye, Johnny Ace and Kali Verra, Robin Bougie, Stephen Blickenstaff, Kevin Scalzo and others who helped shape SWV’s definitive underground art style. The issue looks back at some of their art as well as new original tribute Fan Art done for this issue by some awesome artists, also interviews, reviews, and articles. There’s an interview with me and, yup, that’s my SWV-inspired art on the cover! It’s a must-have for any self-respecting Something Weirdo!¬†

You can order a copy for $8 direct from