The Art of Lisa Petrucci

Kickass Kuties – The Art of Lisa Petrucci

Deluxe hardcover art book, 112 pages, Published by Dark Horse Books

Walk through a sparkling wonderland of make-believe, a cotton-candy-colored dreamworld of hearts, flowers and switchblades, of glamorous, dewey-eyed cartoon pin-up gals, kutie-pie kowgirls, leopard-skinned sweeties, hatchet-wielding honeys, and the cuddliest devil kitties Hell has to offer. The art of Lisa Petrucci is a honey-coated maelstrom of contradictions — the innocence of lost Americana, childhood nostalgia, and traditional feminine iconography all presented with a rebellious spirit.

Kickass Kuties: The Art of Lisa Petrucci, is the first collection of the artist’s remarkable catalog, a hallucinatory tour through an emporium of cultural chaos, a bipolar gallery of imagery both sacred and profane. 112 pages of eye candy. Foreword by Kirsten Anderson, author of Pop Surrealism: The Rise of Underground Art.

Personally signed copies are $30 (includes domestic postage)


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