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November 6, 2016  

Frankenkuties Apparel by Kreepsville 666











Kreepsville 666 has produced a line of apparel featuring my Frankenkuties! Kute and kreepy details from my original art on bright monster green stretchy polyester fabric. There are two different frightfully fantastic dresses for ghouly gals, and even an adorable frock for lil’ spooks! The dresses are available in most sizes in Lil’ Lisa’s Pop Shop!

























RJB Photo, Frankenkuties dress modeled by Cara Franklin-Moytoy



July 31, 2016  

Death and the Maiden 2 Group Show

death maiden a gogowebJoin Roq La Rue Gallery in Seattle for their very last exhibition, Death and the Maiden 2, which opens Saturday August and runs through September. Featuring me, Madeline Von Foerster, Travis Louie, Peter Ferguson, Laurie Lee Brom, Scott Musgrove, Jeff Jacobson, Redd Walitzki, John Brophy, Sail, Peter Chan, Handiedan, Syd Bee, Esao Andrews, Kari-lise Alexander, Meghan Besmirched, Derek Nobbs, Jessica McCourt, Kirsten Easthope.



June 1, 2016  

Interview in Suffragettes Fanzine!

suffragettes1Thanks Sol Charlotte for the interview about my art and Something Weird in the premiere issue of SUFFRAGETTES, a female-focused pop culture fanzine published (in Spanish) out of Barcelona!


July 25, 2015  

Big Eye Spectacular Group Show at Harold Golen Gallery!

BIG EYE SPECTACULAR is an international group show inspired by the work of Margaret Keane! The exhibition is being held at Harold Golen Gallery in Miami Florida through October 3, 2015. Artists include myself, SHAG, Isabel Samaras, Kirsten Easthope, Megan Besmirched, Mitch O’Connell, Emma Mount, Colin Christian, Sas Christian, Rick Dienzo Blanco,  Rod North, Robert Jimenez, El Gato Gomez, Sugar Fueled / Michael Banks and many more!


March 16, 2015  

I’m featured in “The Graphic Art of the Underground: A Countercultural History”

Bloomsbury in London has published a gorgeous coffee table book THE GRAPHIC ART OF THE UNDERGROUND: A COUNTER-CULTURAL HISTORY that presents a dazzling journey through the visual art and design of alternative and youth cultures from the 1950s to the present. Authors Ian Lowey and Suzy Prince give a brilliant survey of the Lowbrow art phenomenon and the artists who have contributed to it’s becoming a legitimate and influential historical movement. My art and designs are featured on four pages! The book is available from Amazon


September 22, 2014  

New Limited Edition Giclee Prints!

I’ve finally gotten around to making a series of Limited Edition Giclee Prints of images people often ask me for! Crowd pleasers like “Lime Rickeys in Remco Land,” lil’ Italian horror subjects, and a “movie poster” for Lil’ Bat Pussy! You can see and get them HERE in Lil’ Lisa’s Pop Shop!


April 29, 2014  

Mike Vraney December 29, 1957 to January 2, 2014

On Thursday, January 2, 2014, Mike Vraney, my husband, founder of Something Weird Video, and the great love of my life, passed away after a long heroic battle with lung cancer. He was 56 years old.

Mike was diagnosed with lung cancer in August of 2012. Most people were unaware that he was even sick, and only his closest friends and family knew. I was fortunate to have had 20 years with Mike. We made the most of every day we had left together after his grim diagnosis.

Mike was a larger than life personality. He had his own unique solipsistic perspective of things, and was definitely his own man. A dear old friend of his once remarked, “It’s always been Mike’s world and the rest of us just live in it.” Mike was completely content just having his kids and I as the center of his universe. He proclaimed his love for me on a daily basis, and made me feel like the most awesome woman in the world.

We had countless adventures over the years populated with an endless cast of colorful characters. The stories I could tell. I reflect upon all of the film archives we rummaged through, collections of odd ephemera that dropped into our laps, and the fun we had collecting over the years. I will always cherish those times.

Mike was always supportive and encouraged my art career. He was my biggest fan.

The man may be gone, but his remarkable contribution to film history and popular culture will live on indefinitely.

Rest in peace, my love. You were the perfect soulmate, movie buddy, collecting pal, and partner in crime. — Lisa xo

Please visit the Mike Vraney Memorial Tribute Page on Facebook


February 11, 2013  

Upcoming Exhibitions

“Come Play With Me” January 4 – 27, 2103 La Luz de Jesus Gallery, Los Angeles

Lisa’s latest paintings are a tribute to her love of vintage pop culture as well as personal and collecting obsessions. She has created delightfully demented tableaus that include some of her favorite toys, dolls, subjects and places. Some are real and some imaginary. See the haunted house where a sad forlorn little girl lures unwary children to play with her; the roadside lime rickey stand populated by oddball toy critters; and the kitschy polynesian palace where lil’ Lisa and her pals enjoy mai tais and pu-pu platters. These paintings are a glimpse into the weird world of wonder that exists in Lisa’s twisted mind. She also references some of her favorite obscure female subjects; Italian fumetti anti-heroines from 1960s comics, rock & roll icons, and B-movie bad girls. Lisa also goes back to her pin-up girl roots with a series of “boudoir babes,” scintillating sirens surrounded by cute and creepy imagery. What sets these paintings apart from Lisa’s past body of work is the format. For this show, she’s done a series of larger rectangular paintings on birch panels, which has given her the opportunity to explore some different stylistic techniques and approaches to her signature sweet and sexy subject matter.


December 6, 2012  

I’m featured in the new book “Women of the Underground Art: Cultural Innovators Speak for Themselves”

Until the late twentieth century, women’s creative skills were relegated to craft and decorative arts, and valued only for utilitarian purposes in service to others and the manufacturing of products to benefit society. After enduring the great injustice of being denied the freedom that self-expression brings through art for the joy of the human spirit, Women of the Underground: Art celebrates those female cultural innovators who are creating new artwork that pushes boundaries, dares to question, and redefines the genres of mixed media; theater; film; photography; and visual, conceptual, and performance art. In this groundbreaking anthology that will inspire artists and everyone interested in alternatives to mainstream culture, as well as serve as a reference book for art historians, twenty-six female artists describe their ideas, beginnings, influences, and creative techniques. Contains interviews with me, Lady Pink, Marina Abramovic, Orlan, Aleksandra Mir, Penny Arcade, Johanna Went, the Guerrilla Girls, and many others. Edited by Zora von Burden. Available on Amazon “Women of the Underground Art: Cultural Innovators Speak for Themselves”


July 6, 2012  

Latest interview with me in Target Audience Magazine!

GL Giles recently asked me about my art, obsession with Dark Shadows, and work with Something Weird in this recent interview in Target Audience Magazine!


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