The Art of Lisa Petrucci


Selected articles and publications


Printsploitation Horror & Cult Movie Illustration Magazine Issue No. 5 (Interview)


Person of Interest – Lisa Petrucci, Film Preservationist, The Stranger, Interview by Amber Cortes, September 13-26


Kickass Kuties Miss Cutie Herself, Lisa Petrucci, (Interview) Gravyzine, by Samia Aladas

Suffragettes Fanzine #1, by Sol Charlotte and Monica Monroe, Barcelona Spain


Interview with Lisa Petrucci about Mike Vraney and Something Weird, Trash Times (redux) #15, France


The Graphic Art of the Underground: A Countercultural History, by Ian Lowey and Suzy Prince, Bloomsbury Publishing

“Way of the Weird” (Interview), by Chris Alexander, Delirium Magazine #4, Sept./ Oct.


La Luz de Jesus 25: The Little Gallery That Could, edited by Janice S. Gore, La Luz de Jesus Press

“Glenn Barr & Company score with Lyric at 323” (color photo), by Robert del Valle, Metromix Detroit, March 17, 2011


Women of the Underground: Art Interviews by Zora von Burden, Manic D Press, Inc.

Next Exit, Creativa e Lavoro (color photo), November 2010, Italy

“Visioni Metropolitane – Pop Surrealism a Spoleto” by Rosa Maria Albino, Italy


Kickass Kuties – The Art of Lisa Petrucci Foreword by Kirsten Anderson, Dark Horse Books

Apocalypse Wow! Pop Surrealism, Neo Pop, Urban Art by Julie Kogler & Giorgio Calcara, Silvana Editoriale, Italy

EdgyCute – From Neo-Pop to Low Brow and Back Again by Harry Saylor & Carolyn Frisch, Mark Batty Publisher

The Garden of Eye Candy, Gingko Press



Big Eye Art Resurrected and Transformed by Blonde Blythe, Merrell Publishers

“Swag – Lisa Petrucci’s Kickass Kuties”, Stretching Canvas, Number 82


“Toybox – Lisa Petrucci’s Kickass Kuties”, Juxtapoz, August 2007

“Going Out, Art – Lisa Petrucci at the Kirkland Art Center Seattle Post-Intelligencer, Friday, May 25, 2007


Copro/Nason Fine Art – A Catalogue Raisonne Last Gasp Publishing, Edited by Cushner, Fox & Katz

Toys: MTV Overground #3 – New Designs from the Art Toy Revolution by Jim Crawford

Tiki Art Now! Volume 3 Catalog, Club Tiki Press, SLG Publishing

“A Toast to Tiki” Seattle Post-Intelligencer, September 15, 2006


Ars Erotica – The Best Modern Erotic Art by Michelle Olley, Carlton Books Ltd

“Portfolio – Lisa Petrucci” Penthouse Forum, July 2005



Electric Frankenstein – High Energy Punk Rock & Roll Poster Art by Sal Canzonieri, published by Dark Horse Books


Pop Surrealism – The Rise of Underground Art, by Kirsten Anderson, Last Gasp

Tiki Art Now, Catalog, Last Gasp and Tiki News

“Wood Work – The Art of Lisa Petrucci”, Tease Magazine, Issue 9


“Kitsch Kuties – The Playful Art of Lisa Petrucci”, Club International Magazine, July

Sci-Fi Western Catalog, Last Gasp


“A-List, Tin Man Alley” (color photo), Philadelphia Weekly, August 7, 2002

“La pin up e mia a la dipingo io” Gulliver (Italy), November 2002

“Vicious, Delicious & Ambitious – Book Preview” International Tattoo Art, November 2002


Vicious, Delicious & Ambitious – 20th Century Women Artists by Sherri Cullison, Schiffer Books

“Booty Call – Stuff We Like” Bust Magazine, Fall 2002

“Rhonda Round-Up” Cover of The Portland Mercury, June 6-12

“Grand Theft Art ” Juxtapoz No. 39, July/August 2002


“Lisa Petrucci”, interview by Leslie Goldman, Carbon 14, Winter 2001


“Tickle Pinkle”, Cover of the Stranger, November 16-22

Margaret Keane and Keaneabilia Catalog, Laguna Art Museum

“Pin-up show has old-fashioned fun with new wave attitude” The Dallas Morning News, by Charles Dee Mitchell, May 14

Precious – The Pathos and Pleasure of Kitch Catalog Atlanta Contemporary Art Center, essay by Felicia Feaster

“Predatory Pin-Ups” The Red Box – The Phantasma-Alegorical Portraits of Stacy Land essay by Lisa Petrucci

“Pretty on the Outside – Lisa Petrucci’s Dream Doll Universe” DeadBeat Magazine (webzine), by Rikke Sternberg,

“Lisa Petrucci – Pinup Extravaganza” Kloryfyll No. 1, Swedish webzine,


“Kinky Kuties & Kick-Ass Kitsch – The Art of Lisa Petrucci” Juxtapoz Erotica No. 6, 1999

“Platinum Powerhouse” Front Cover Art The Stranger, Sept. 30-October 6, 1999

“Beatdown”, Juxtapoz No. 21, July/August 1999

“Pinup är Konst – Interview with Lisa Petrucci” Darling, June 1999, by Liv-Marit Bergman

“Bad Girls” The Stranger, May13-19, 1999, by Eric Fredericksen

“Pop-art power play” The Seattle Times, May 7, 1999, by Cynthia Rose

“Dangerous Dolls” Playboy Scandinavia, May 1999, Number 3, by Stefan Kery

“Dangerous Dolls” Aftonbladet Puls Stockholm, April 2, 1999

“Dangerous Dolls” Berlingske Tidende Copenhagen, March 12, 1999


“Pop Tarts” San Francisco Metropolitan, August 24, 1998, by Michelle Goldberg


“Chick Art at Vox Populi Galleries” Reflex, Feb/Mar 1995, by Robert Gluckson

“Chick Art” Axcess, Vol. 3, No. 3, 1995, by Lisa Petrucci


“AXS Alumni – Lisa Petrucci” Axcess, Sept/Oct 1994

“The Kind Men Like” International Tattoo Art, April 1994

“Sugar & Spice: Pin-Up Art by Women” Gauntlet, Vol. II, 1994, by Lisa Petrucci


“Ha-Cha-Cha!” New York Press, October 20-28, 1993

“Pinups’ New Tack” NY Daily News, October 27, 1993, by Lenore Skenazy

“Lisa Petrucci – Artist’s Profile” Axcess, Fall 1993, Vol. 1, Issue 1