The Art of Lisa Petrucci

Sorry that my website is so messed up!

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted any News or Updated the website. When the new server migrated my website data last year, a lot of images and info got lost in the shuffle. I’m trying to fix everything, but there are sections of the website that I no longer even have access to! I didn’t design this website and am trying to patch it back together as best I can. Like for instance if you go the the Lil’ Lisa’s Pop Shop, the thumbnail information is old and incorrect (and there’s no where on the back side that I can update the correct info!) However, when you click on the Buy Now for a product it goes to the correct updated product info and prices. Sorry for the confusion and inconvenience and thanks for your understanding. Also, please note that I no longer do International shipping on any items (due to hassles with the US postal service and customs). I’ll be updating the Gallery section soon since ALL my paintings disappeared in the migration! The joys of technology! Yay!

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