The Art of Lisa Petrucci


March 25, 2010  

Lisa Petrucci Embroidery Patterns

sub_stitch_smallSublime Stitching Artists Series #4
One 8 1/2 x 11″ sheet of multi-imprinting, iron-on embroidery patterns. Just iron on to any fabric and stitch along the lines. Each pack comes with complete instructions for getting started in embroidery!

Price $4.50 | Get ’em here!


March 23, 2010  

Kickass Kuties Stationary Set

Set with stationery, envelopes and stickers.

$6.00 (postage paid) NO INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING


March 23, 2010  

Devilish Dollies Stationary Set

Set with 8 sheets (4 different designs), 6 envelopes (4 different designs) and stickers!

$6.00 (postage paid) NO INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING


March 21, 2010  

Bizarrverlag Notecards

Set of 3 different designs, with envelopes 6.75 x 4.75 inches each (folded)

$6 postage paid


March 20, 2010  

Lisa Petrucci Postcard Set

Each set has 18+ postcards.

$12 per set (postage paid)



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