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February 25, 2024  

Sorry that my website is so messed up!

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted any News or Updated the website. When the new server migrated my website data last year, a lot of images and info got lost in the shuffle. I’m trying to fix everything, but there are sections of the website that I no longer even have access to! I didn’t design this website and am trying to patch it back together as best I can. Like for instance if you go the the Lil’ Lisa’s Pop Shop, the thumbnail information is old and incorrect (and there’s no where on the back side that I can update the correct info!) However, when you click on the Buy Now for a product it goes to the correct updated product info and prices. Sorry for the confusion and inconvenience and thanks for your understanding. Also, please note that I no longer do International shipping on any items (due to hassles with the US postal service and customs). I’ll be updating the Gallery section soon since ALL my paintings disappeared in the migration! The joys of technology! Yay!


November 14, 2020  

LOWBROW ART / POP SURREALISM – The Origins / History Book from Italy

an Italian language book about these art movements compiled by Mauro Tropeano, is now available. The book features international OG’s of Lowbrow Art and Pop Surrealism including myself and colleagues: Robert Williams, Isabel Samaras, Ciou, Junko Mizuno, Glenn Barr, Anthony Ausgang, Mark Ryden, Marion Peck, Shag, Jennybird Alcantra, Camille Rose Garcia, Ed Roth, Joe Coleman, Gary Baseman, Travis Louis, Joe Sorren, The Pizz, Tim Biskup, Todd Schorr, Scott Musgrove, and others.
     Here’s the synopsis: While in the Eighties in America and in the world, in galleries and museums a taste for an increasingly conceptual art took root, in California, in particular between Los Angeles and San Francisco, they appeared, not too timidly, in the underground circuits, the first forms of what will be recognized as “lowbrow art” first and “pop surrealism” later.
     This volume traces the main guidelines that define the lowbrow culture which then gave way to an artistic current that from the United States has overwhelmed the rest of the world in the following decades, albeit with other forms and other languages, united among it gives them a common purpose: to flesh out the human soul by making its torments emerge in a carnival of colors and shapes, exorcising the darker sides of the subconscious.
The book is available from


March 1, 2019  

The Wonderfully Weird World of Lisa Petrucci video segment on Art Zone

lp video

Here’s the “Person of Interest” piece that was made by the incredibly talented (and patient) Chris Barnes for Art Zone with Nancy Guppy on the Seattle Channel. See me in my natural habitat, working at Something Weird Video and talking about my art and collectibles. But it’s mostly an homage and tribute to the great legacy of Mike Vraney. Featuring scenes from the Something Weird Greatest Hits record release party with The Sellwoods at Darrell’s Tavern!


November 6, 2016  

Frankenkuties Apparel by Kreepsville 666











Kreepsville 666 has produced a line of apparel featuring my Frankenkuties! Kute and kreepy details from my original art on bright monster green stretchy polyester fabric. There are two different frightfully fantastic dresses for ghouly gals, and even an adorable frock for lil’ spooks! The dresses are available in most sizes in Lil’ Lisa’s Pop Shop!

























RJB Photo, Frankenkuties dress modeled by Cara Franklin-Moytoy



September 29, 2016  

Kickass Kuties – The Art of Lisa Petrucci

Deluxe hardcover art book, 112 pages, Published by Dark Horse Books

Walk through a sparkling wonderland of make-believe, a cotton-candy-colored dreamworld of hearts, flowers and switchblades, of glamorous, dewey-eyed cartoon pin-up gals, kutie-pie kowgirls, leopard-skinned sweeties, hatchet-wielding honeys, and the cuddliest devil kitties Hell has to offer. The art of Lisa Petrucci is a honey-coated maelstrom of contradictions — the innocence of lost Americana, childhood nostalgia, and traditional feminine iconography all presented with a rebellious spirit.

Kickass Kuties: The Art of Lisa Petrucci, is the first collection of the artist’s remarkable catalog, a hallucinatory tour through an emporium of cultural chaos, a bipolar gallery of imagery both sacred and profane. 112 pages of eye candy. Foreword by Kirsten Anderson, author of Pop Surrealism: The Rise of Underground Art.

Personally signed copies are $30 (includes domestic postage)



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